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Our Story

Golden Intentions, Inc.® was born of a special friendship. Co-Founders Kimberly Morse and Danielle Gray met as volunteer emergency medical technicians in their community, both having made a career in professional caregiving and both passionate about why and how they care for others.

The two friends had a change in their lives when Kim was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Danielle became her patient care advocate and was involved in all areas of her care. Kim’s main job was to allow for healing to come and plan for the possibility that it may not. That bonded the two for life. This ultimately led to the genesis of Golden Intentions.

Photo: 2011 Danielle supporting Kim during her final round of chemotherapy - treats for the entire clinic!

Today Kim is cancer free. She recalls, “It was this major life experience...discussing my end-of-life wishes...that led to Danielle and I sharing our passion for caregiving and education about life and death.” Their conversations about high expectations for their own behaviors and performance as advocates and educators brought to light the initial concept for Golden Intentions.

Golden Intentions embodies an innovative yet remarkably simple concept: give the community a safe, compassionate resource where they can get guidance and support about end-of-life issus. Golden Intentions will encourage everyone to approach issues regarding death with the thoughts of celebrating life, encouraging conversation, and doing some level of planning and preparing for the life you wish. 

Kim is the current President and CEO of Golden Intentions and has worked for several human service agencies over the course of 27 years, including the American Red Cross and Lutheran Social Services of Michigan.