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Golden Hands Transport

For many people, facing the end of life means the possibility of leaving things         undone.  Be it a trip to a favorite location or seeing your child’s wedding day, Golden Intentions, Inc.® will help coordinate  transportation via fully equipped ambulance, accompanied by a licensed paramedic and EMT of local  emergency medical service agencies, when it is no longer possible to travel by car.


To Qualify for Transport

The parameters for the participants who can take part in this program are as follows:

1. No person who is imminently dying may participate.

2. No acute care persons may participate because of the regulatory requirements for patient care and documentation.

3. Persons who have other resources for the trips should use these resources, enabling Golden Intentions and local EMS units to use the program for those who have mobility issues and/or complicated disease process requiring closer medical monitoring and have no other transportation.

4. The EMS Manager, Transport Coordinator, or Medical Social Worker will all be involved to determine if the person is appropriate both emotionally and physically for the trip.

5. Psychosocial aspects of the family and patient will be screened by the Transport Coordinator and MSW for appropriateness of transport.

6. Eligibility for this program will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

7. Persons who require oxygen therapy might have trip limitations due to the limited amount of oxygen in portable tanks.

8. If there is no family member or friend available and the participant requires medications during the transport, eligibility depends on the participant’s capability to administer his/her own medications

Contact a Golden Hands Transport coordinator today to schedule a transport. (231)714-4475