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Golden ConversationĀ® meetings - Advance Planning Coaching


Most people think it's important to talk about their final wishes so family members aren't burdened with stressful, emotional decisions to make on their behalf. However, studies show that only a third of us are having these conversations.

Whether you are 32 or 92, it’s never too early or late to have a Golden Conversation® meeting with loved ones. This meeting is facilitated by a Golden Intentions representative, and is designed for a small group of supportive individuals to discuss what provisions are currently in place and what matters most should you become ill or injured and can’t make decisions for yourself.

A Golden Intentions facilitator will guide you and your family through this process and give you tools to make it as straightforward as possible. Once a meeting has been scheduled and paid for, the individual will receive an informational letter which includes a variety of Advanced Planning questions to answer prior to the meeting date and time. Also included is an outline of the meeting with time frames and suggestions for what to consider before deciding on some of your answers. 

A few hours of preparation prior to the scheduled date is encouraged. Many individuals choose to engage in Advance Planning Coaching with a Golden Intentions representative prior to the meeting.

  Please note:  Advanced Planning documents DO NOT need to be finished prior to the meeting

Cost: $75-150/for a 45-90 minute session either as an individual, a couple, or with a group of people.


Contact Golden Intentions to schedule a Golden Conversation meeting today.