About Us

Our Mission:

Golden Intentions, Inc.® is a nonprofit community resource that encourages end of life conversation, preparation, and celebration through community education and support services.

Our Values:

Compassion - We exercise compassion in our every interaction, acknowledging that each individual has different needs.

Communication - Open, honest discussion among family members about end of life matters is the key to making the end of life as valued and special as all the times that came before.

Empowerment - We believe in the power of individuals to make personal choices; to that end, Golden Intentions provides unbiased resources for exploring options and making well informed decisions.

Celebration - We believe the time to honor loved ones is now, with the living. We encourage others to honor and celebrate lives well lived before it is too late.

Self-Care - We recognize that family, friends, and caregivers often experience physical and psychological effects when faced with the loss of a loved one. We emphasize self-care to enable families to enjoy as much quality time as possible.

Peace of Mind - Our core mission is aimed at bringing individuals and families peace of mind when dealing with the end of a loved one’s life. We guide families through communication and preparation so that critical end of life decisions don’t have to occur during highly stressful, traumatic moments.