Hello Friends!

Golden Intentions, Inc.® is a non-profit community resource which encourages end-of-life conversation, preparation, and celebration through community education and support services. WE EXISTS BECAUSE OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS.

Discussing death and dying is difficult, and we understand that. This is why Golden Intentions was created. Our mission of changing the way we think and talk about issues related to the end of life is reflected in our core values of compassion, communication, empowerment, celebration, self-care and peace of mind. 

Ultimately, Golden Intentions brings together community resources, provides education and guidance, and assists individuals and their loved ones in planning and preparing for the end of life.

You are not alone on this journey. Let Golden Intentions be your guide.    

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2017 Message to our community 

We have so much gratitude to give for the support we have received from each of you over the last year.  Because of people and organizations like you(rs), we have been able to bring the importance of end-of-life planning into the conference rooms, living rooms, churches, coffee houses, classrooms, and staff meetings of the Traverse City community and make the process of planning for death a little less intimidating. 

Golden Intentions began in 2013 with a mission to change the way we think and talk about the end of life, and specifically to make the topic of death easier for you and your families to discuss. This year, with your support, we have reached thousands of individuals through news stories, radio interviews, large events, expos, presentations, workshops and Golden Conversations.

You’ve shared  with us your beautiful and challenging stories about death and you've told us what you value at the end of life. You've allowed us in during your most precious and vulnerable moments.  You’ve attended classes, completed paperwork, and shared with others the plans you have for the end of your life and how important it is to have an idea of your wishes before there is a health/medical crisis. 

The paradigm that death is something private, scary, and not to be discussed is changing because of this amazing work. It is only the beginning of this journey. Thanks for being with us.

In gratitude,

Kimberly Morse- Golden Intentions Co-founder, President & CEO


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